CSR in the Banking Sector: Asset or Liability? *

15 Μάι.

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of CSR in producing business benefits for companies under an economic turmoil. When the global economic crisis hit Greece, most major companies found themselves in an environment of distrust and animosity on behalf of the people. Notably, customers’ hostility against banks rose significantly.

Yet, the banking industry was one of the few, if not the only, sectors that remained profitable. Given that banks are typically characterized by well-organized and powerful CSR efforts, the above controversy provides an interesting new landscape to the study of CSR practices.

This study adds to the growing literature examining CSR under the effect of the economic crisis by contrasting the views of CSR managers against those of their customers.

The results of the study will be discussed at the American Marketing Association Conference Servsig 2014.

*Co-authored paper with Solon Magrizos – Ph.D. Candidate, Athens University of Economics & Business & Georgios Halkias – Ph.D. Candidate, Athens University of Economics & Business.



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